Thursday, October 1, 2009


DAMES (1934) Dir: Ray Enright, Busby Berkeley. Writer: Robert Lord, Delmer Daves. Jimmy Higgens: Dick Powell, Barbara Hemingway: Ruby Keeler, Mabel Anderson: Joan Blondell, Guy Kibee: Horace P. Hemingway, Mathilda Hemingway: Zazu Pitts, Ezra Ounce: Hugh Herbert. Millionaire uncle Ezra plans to leave $10,000,000 to Horace P. Hemingway, his wife Mathilda and daughter Barbara if they demonstrate an extreme level of morality. Barbara's 13th cousin Jimmy Higgens is an actor and songwriter as well as Barbara's secret boyfriend. With the help of Mabel Anderson, Jimmy blackmails Horace into financing his Broadway show. Ezra who is also the head of the Ounce Foundation for the Elevation of American Morals and vows to close Jimmy's show. Barbara has also gotten a job as a dancer in the show.
THE DAMNED (1969) Dir: Luchino Visconti. Writer: Nicola Badalucco, Enrico Medioli, Luchino Visconti. Frederich Bruckmann: Dirk Bogarde, Sophie Von Essenbeck: Ingrid Thulin. Martin Von Essenbeck: Helmut Berger, Aschbach: Helmut Griem, Gunther Von Essenbeck: Renaud Verley, Herbert Thallman: Umberto Orsini, Elisabeth Thallman: Charlotte Rampling, Konstantin Von Essenbeck: Reinhard Kolldehoff, Joachim Von Essenbeck: Albrecht Schoenhals. The extended Von Essenbeck family fights for control of the family steel and armaments company in the decade before World War 2. Some of the family members ally themselves with the SA and some with the SS. Their conflict includes murder and sending family members to concentration camps.
DAVID HOLZMAN'S DIARY (1967) Dir: Jim McBride. Writer:Jim McBride. David Holzman: L.M. Kit Carson, Penny Wohl: Eileen Dietz. Young film maker, David Holzman makes a documentary about his everyday life.
DR MABUSE, THE GAMBLER (1922) Dir: Fritz Lang. Writer: Thea von Harbou. Dr. Mabuse: Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Cara Carozza: Aud Egede Nissen, Countess Dusy Told: Gertrude Welcker, Count Told: Alfred Abel, State Attorney von Wenk: Bernhard Goetzke, Edgar Hull: Paul Richter, Spoerri: Forster-Larrinaga. Dr. Mabuse, psychiatrist, hypnotist, master of disguise, gambler and master criminal matches wits with State Attorney von Wenk, while causing havoc in Berlin.

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