Thursday, October 1, 2009


HELL DRIVERS (1957) Dir: Cy Endfield. Writer: John Kruse, Cy Endfield. Tom Yately: Stanley Baker, "Red" Redman: Patrick McGoohan, Gino: Herbert Lom, Lucy: Peggy Cummins, Cartley: William Hartnell, Jimmy Yately: David McCallum, Johnny Kates: Sean Connery, Jill: Jill Ireland. Hawlett Trucking hires drifters as drivers. When Tom Yately, an ex-con, is hired, he challenges road foreman, "Red" Redman for supremacy as the best driver. When all of the drivers band together against Tom, except his friend, Gino, things turn deadly. When Lucy, the company's office girl tells Tom that the office manger, Cartley and Red are carrying five nonexistent drivers on the books and keeping the money, Tom threatens to expose them.
HELL'S ANGELS (1930) Dir: Howard Hughes. Writer: Harry Behn, Howard Estabrook. Monte Rutledge: Ben Lyon, Roy Rutledge: James Hall, Helen: Jean Harlow, Karl Armstedt: James Darrow, Baron Von Kranz: Lucien Prival, Zeppelin Commander: Carl Von Haartman. Two brothers, Roy Rutledge, brave and noble, and Monte, cowardly and ignoble, enlist in the Royal Flying Corp. in World War 1. Sent on a secret mission to bomb a German ammunition depot in a captured German plane, they're shot down only to brought before their captor, Baron Von Kranz, whose wife, Monte seduced before the beginning of the war.
HORSE FEATHERS (1932) Dir: Norman Z. McLeod. Writers: Harry Ruby, Bert Kalmar. Prof. Quincy Adams Wagstaff: Groucho Marx, Pinky: Harpo Marx, Baravelli: Chico Marx, Frank Wagstaff: Zeppo Marx, Connie Bailey: Thelma Todd. Prof. Wagstaff, the new dean of Huxley University is persuaded to hire two professional football players so that Huxley can beat rival Darwin U in the big game. He hires Pinky and Baravelli by mistake. When Prof. Wagstaff realizes his error, he has the boys try and kidnap the real players, meanwhile, all four Marx brothers romance Connie Bailey, the college widow. What they don't know is that she is working for a gambler who has bet on Darwin, and he wants her to steal the plays. The movie ends with an anarchic football game with all four Marx brothers playing for Huxley.
THE HURT LOCKER (2009) Dir: Kathryn Bigelow. Writer: Mark Boal. SFC. William James: Jeremy Renner, Sgt. J.T. Sanborn: Anthony Mackie, Spc. Owen Eldridge: Brian Geraghty, Mercenary/Contractor Team Leader: Ralph Fiennes. A possibly suicidal soldier joins a bomb disposal squad in Iraq.

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