Thursday, October 1, 2009


LES VAMPIRES (1915-1916) Dir: Louis Feuillade. Writer: Louis Feuillade. Irma Vep: Musidora, Philleppe Guerande: Edouard Mathe, Oscar Mazamette: Marcel Levesque, The Grand Vampire: Jean Ayme, Satanas/Father Silence: Louis Leubas, Venemous: Frederick Moriss, Fleur-de-Lys: Suzanne Delve, Eustache Mazamette: Bout-de-Zan (Rene Poyen) A ten part French serial about the rise and fall of The Vampires, a criminal gang run by Several grand vampires and Irma Vep, opposed by the journalist, Philleppe Gurande and his friend and reformed vampire gang member, Oscar Mazamette. While all ten parts form a single story arc, each episode is also a self contained story.
VERA CRUZ (1954) Dir: Robert Aldrich. Writer: Roland Kibbee, James R. Webb. Benjamin Trane: Gary Cooper, Joe Erin: Burt Lancaster, Countess Marie Duvarre: Denise Darcel, Nina: Sara Montiel, Marquis Henri de Labordere: Cesar Romero , General Ramirez: Morris Ankrum, Capt. Danette: Henry Brandon, Emperor Maximillian: George Macready, Tex: Jack Elam, Pittsburgh: Charles Bronson, Donnegan: Ernest Borgnine, Ballard: Archie Savage. During the Mexican revolt against the rule of the Emperor Maximilian, a group of American mercenaries led by Joe Erin and Benjamin Trane are hired by the French to escort the Countess Duvarre and a secret stash of gold to Vera Cruz. When the Americans find out about the gold, Erin and Trane are caught in a tug of war between their own greed and the Mexican revolutionaries who are trying to capture the gold for the revolution.

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