Thursday, October 1, 2009


UP IN THE AIR (2009) Dir: Jason Reitman. Writer: Jason Reitman, Sheldon Turner. Ryan Bingham: George Clooney, Alex Goran: Vera Farmiga, Natalie Keener: Anna Kendrick, Craig Gregory: Jason Bateman, Julie Bingham: Melanie Lynsky, Bob: J.K. Simmons. Ryan Bingham travels the country firing people for companies that don't want to deal with job themselves. He meets Alex Goran, another person who lives on the road just as his own employer starts plans to offer it's services on-line. Forced to take Natalie Keener, the person behind on-line operations, he trains her in how to fire people. Falling in love with Alex, something rare for Ryan who prefers the anonymity of his life, he tries to make a connection, only to find that, despite their sexual relationship, she's married.

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