Thursday, October 1, 2009


KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL (1952) Dir: Phil Karlson. Writer: George Bruce, Harry Essex. Joe Rolfe: John Payne, Helen Foster: Coleen Gray, Tim Foster: Preston Foster, Boyd Kane: Neville Brand, Tony Romano: Lee Van Cleef, Pete Harris: Jack Elam. Ex police captain Tim Foster, forced off the job because of political intrigue, plots a bank robbery. Keeping his identity a secret from the gang he recruits, he also implicates ex con, Joe Rolfe, now a driver for a florist. After being cleared by the police, Joe follows the trail of gang member Pete Harris, and when Harris is killed, he takes his place at the meeting where the loot is to be divided among the gang members. What no one knows is that Tim Foster is planning on turning the gang in to an insurance company for the reward. Meanwhile Joe and Foster's daughter, Helen have fallen for each other.
THE KILLING (1956) Dir: Stanley Kubrick. Writer: Stanley Kubrick, Jim Thompson. Johnny Clay: Sterling Hayden, Fay: Coleen Gray, Val Cannon: Vince Edwards, Marvin Unger: Jay C. Flippen, Sherry Peatty: Marie Windsor, George Peatty: Elisha Cook, Jr., Nikki Arcane: Timothy Carey, Maurice Oboukhoff: Kola Kwariani. Johnny Clay assembles a gang for a race track robbery. Told from each of the robbers' point of view, the robbery succeeds, though not perfectly. Sherry Peatty, the wife of robber George Peatty tells her boyfriend about the robbery. He tries to rob the gang after the robbery.
KISS ME DEADLY (1955) Dir: Robert Aldrich. Writers: A. I. Bezzarides, Novel Mickey Spillane. Mike Hammer: Ralph Meeker, Velda: Maxine Cooper, Gabrielle: Gaby Rogers, Lt. Pat Murphy: Wesley Addy, Eddie Yeager: Juano Hernandez, Dr. G. E. Soberin: Albert Dekker, Carl Evello: Paul Stewart, Christina Bailey: Cloris Leachman, Nick: Nick Dennis. Thuggish private eye picks up hitchhiker, Christina Bailey. They're run off the road and captured, beaten and Christina is tortured and killed. Put in Mike's car and pushed over a hill, Mike survives. When he discovers that the FBI is interested in the case, Hammer decides that there is probably a lot of money to be made. He, Velda, and Nick, the auto mechanic investigate. Despite warnings from his friend on the LAPD, Lt. Murphy, Hammer continues the investigation. Velda is taken hostage by Dr. Soberin who is the head of a gang stealing nuclear materials. Mike rescues Velda, and stops the theft of the nuclear materials.

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