Thursday, October 1, 2009


JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG (1961) Dir: Stanley Kramer. Writer: Abby Mann. Chief Judge Dan Haywood: Spencer Tracy, Hans Rolfe: Maximilian Schell, Dr. Ernst Jannings, Col. Tad Lawson: Richard Widmark, Frau Bertholt: Marlene Dietrich, Rudolph Petersen: Montgomery Clift, Emil Hahn: Werner Klemperer, Captain Harrison Byers: William Shatner. In post World War 2 Germany, Dan Haywood, a rural Maine Judge is sent to oversee war crimes trails of four Nazi judges. Prosecutor Col. Lawson is opposed by German lawyer, Hans Rolfe
JULES AND JIM (1962) Dir: Francois Truffaut. Writer: Francois Truffaut. Catherine: Jeanne Moreau, Jules: Oskar Werner, Jim: Henri Serre, Gilberte: Vanna Urbino, Albert: Boris Bassiak, Therese: Marie Dubois, Little Sabine: Sabine Haudepin. Jules, an Austrian, and Jim, a Frenchman met while living the Bohemian life in pre World War 1 Paris. They both fall in Love with Catherine. Jules and Catherine marry just before the start of the war and live in Austria. After the war, Jules and Jim reunite, and their lives are complicated by their involvement with Catherine.

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